Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

House of Representatives

‘Line’ Items: Tax Reform, the Fed, and Congress Back to Work

Commission Commencement – President Obama signed Thursday the

‘Line’ Items: Commissions, Summits, Caps and Dogs

Commission Coming – The White House says President Obama will create a fiscal commission by executive order within days. Meanwhile, Republicans...

Blue Dogs Seek to Take a Bite Out of Spending

The Blue Dog Democrats, fresh off of attaining long-sought statutory PAYGO rules, are now setting their sights on capping discretionary spending.

‘Line’ Items: Washington Activities Affecting the Bottom Line

No Limit to Ploys in House Rules – The House raised the debt limit

House Rules Stack the Deck for Debt Ceiling Increase

The stakes are high and the House is raising the limit and calling the shots.
Jan 30, 2010 | Blog Paper Press Release

FISCAL FACT CHECKER: The Obama-Hensarling Exchange

CRFB decided to fact check the exchange between

Ryan Releases Roadmap

Earlier today, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan released his update Roadmap for America'

Blue Dogs Join the Call for Fiscal Reform

Today, the Blue Dog coalition released its bluepri
Jan 21, 2010 | Blog Paper Press Release

Develop Debt Reduction Plan Now, MacGuineas, Others Tell Congress

The nation's soaring federal debt can no longer be ignored and Congress and the president must develop comprehensive plans to avoid a loo